Dedicated to Ann Mary Stenberg

poem by: Deborrah Ann Stenberg
Written on Feb 19, 2013

You gave me laughter to brighten my days. You showered me with encouragement to enlighten my way. You offered me hope and happiness when I was alone and sad. You shared a positive outlook when I was difficult and mad. You gave me solitude, fulfillment, and the strength to survive. You taught me to appreciate all the things I needed. Because of you I’ve always succeeded.

Golden days, precious moments, and treasured gatherings,
thank you my dear mother for the beautiful gift of yourself. You struggled so long for your grandchildren, and daughter. Priceless is named in your honor.

I miss you mom, and I’ll never forget you. My heart is aching, while the tears are flowing. Each memory I cherish is a solution for smiling. Once a mother, you were also my friend. I place you with devotion, dedication, admiration, and value. I’m very grateful for all the years you were 
with us, and loving you is the reason I’m lonely.


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Robert Kohlhammer commented:
A heartfelt elegy.


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