Not Seeing The Beauty

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Mar 17, 2015

Not Seeing The Beauty

Surrounded on all sides outnumbered
Outside on school grounds beneath an annex hall
Between two buildings nine black boys and he in the middle 
“ Black is best ! “ -says one
“ You sorry mudda white trash ! “ -says another
and he’s like- “ I ain’t white I’m Hispanic ! “
another’s all-“ White is white you mudda ! “
and someone on the other side says-
“ And black is beautiful ! “

Boy fist come from behind him
	A kick a push another kick another fist
On the ground covering from kicks and blows not seeing the beauty
Praying to disappear from nine antagonist who continue wrathfully
Says one after they stop
“ Look at me in the face nigga and know that black is beautiful!”

They all walk away and only the echo of sardonic laughter
	Bounces off institutional walls
Painfully he lies on the ground still not seeing the beauty of it



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Madelon Hucks commented:
Wow this is so amazing.


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