Letting Go

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 18, 2015

I remember her always.
She was the cornerstone
of my life.
In my eyes always so beautiful.
She lay in the bed upstairs
Old, Weak and frail.
Almost without breath.

A quiet whisper for water
Or tea in her old china cup.
Lay like a bird
with a broken wing.
Helpless without her family.

Remember so long ago.
You taught me
how to ride a bike.
You let go of the saddle
and I rode away
to independence.

I whisper now
let go mom
Let go
the rivers of death will
keep you afloat
let go.

The seasons pass on
without us.
Summer turns to fall.
And the trees let go
Of their tired leaves
So quietly.


Tags: sad, love,


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