Grumpy 25....

poem by: Deborrah Ann Stenberg
Written on Feb 18, 2013

Finding every day groups of poop on the lawn.
The newspaper is deposited on the street or the roof.
The water company has drastically increased the usage of water.
The shower is singing.
The faucets are dripping.
The washer is leaking.
The dryer over heats.
The neighbors dog is barking all night.
The garage door breaks down with the cars trapped inside.
One portion of the fence has decided to collapse.
Now there's a flood in the east side of the basement.
Getting a tooth pulled, and the pains even worse.
Trying to sleep when I’m energetic and restless.
Eating a salad and seeing a bug on my plate.
While driving a vehicle, the sidewalks look safer.
Cleaning the nostrils or scratching in public.
Socks are missing, leaving pairs that don’t match.
The front door is blasted with boisterous knocking.
Then the doorbell joins in with symphonic ringing.
When submitting something important my laptop freezes.
The television stops with the laptop.
The trash cans are turned upside down and placed in front of my mailbox.
My fed-ex package is across the street.
The home behind me has loud parties all night.
Sending a message to God--and his number is busy.

Deborrah Ann Stenberg


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Janet Vick commented:
Would certainly make me grumpy...Take care. Janet
greg woods commented:
Good description of chaos Deborah, yes I know I've spelt your name wrong, sorry, but I don't want to scroll back and have to rewrite. Ps. God should be off the phone by now.


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Grumpy 25....

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