the fire of the storm.

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 07, 2015

In the sky now twisted and broken
 as he crackle of thunder forms.
Darkness hangs like spiders webs.
The heat of the water laden air
Ready to burst in a deluge
Like a waterfall. 

The air conditioner
 in the small room
Creaks and moans
In its impossible task.

My need for you aches
I am a dry sponge
You have the only water.
The window pane distorts
The city buildings.
Like a twisted hall of mirrors.

I turn to see you in the bed
Sleeping and content.
My needs are crescendoing
With the roar of the storm gods

I awaken you from slumber
Reaching for you wantanly
the cool air 
at the front of the storm.
Can not soften my needs.

And in half shame 
for my desire that is hotter
than the love I feel for you.

We embrace wildly
And I bury my face 
into your breast.
Come with me my love
Come with me
Into the fire of the storm.


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Elizabeth Ladji commented:
Ooh this is very deep. I love it!
Christopher Russon commented on Sep 24, 2017 at 3:41pm
Well written with depth.


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