Lake at Sunset

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 01, 2015

Down beyond the woodland 
The magic setting golden sun 
On the still lakes shining waters 
its glowing corona hung 

Magenta clouds spread like curtains. 
as they passed the lighted sky. 
I could almost hear them rustle 
as the daylight bid its last goodbye.

The gentle whispered breezes 
in the pine trees by the shore.
 Sang a song of nature’s anthem.
 I would remember for evermore.

 A hanging reverent silence. 
That no creature dared to break. 
In each soul made a painting. 
Of that sunset on the lake. 

In beauty so transcending
 As the water lapped my feet. 
Spoke beauty in a language. 
That I had no need to speak. 

Then under the cloak of evening. 
Played a softened lullaby. 
Sleepy splashing of the wavelets. 
with a dreamy darkened sky. 

If I lived forever.
This vision will awake.
 Memory will leave me never.
 Of that sunset on the lake 


Tags: happy, inspirational, hope, imagery,

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Andrew Shepherd commented:
What a lovely well written poem I was transfixed reading it


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