Man Its Feelin' like the blues

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 01, 2015

There’s a room I keep deep inside me.
It echoes hollow and its dead. 
Its where all sadness lingers. 
Instead of living in my head.
The news flows like a sewer 
Is nothing ever good? 
There’s murder and there’s killing 
Streets that run dark red  with blood. 
I’d pray to God to stop it. 
But I don’t know who to choose 
The music’s sad and weeping.
 Man its feeling like the blues 

I’ve let my heart get frozen. 
To make the hurting stop. 
Some people say I’m golden 
Others say I’m not. 
So I listen to their stories. 
With sadness in my eyes. 
Of all the pain and suffering. 
Where everybody dies.

Is my heart turning to stone? 
Does the bad guy ever lose? 
Must I live this pain alone. 
Man its feeling like the blues.
There is no God in heaven? 
Or no fiery hell below. 
Says the lonely non believer.
Who claims he’s in the know. 

But I have heard the whispers 
That my heart just can’t refuse. 
It’s a calling for redemption. 
Man its feeling like the blues. 




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