Only For You

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 01, 2015

~In my head there’s
a room where you linger.
Bare shoulders where I come to cry
There’s a crack
In a dark shuttered window.
And a tree where
the nightingale dies.

 A sliver of the ending twilight
Shines down on a field of green.
I want to drown in your pure light
In a place where loves never been.

 You flirt in the darkened bar room.
Where men go to die of the blues.
But I bring you two dozen teardrops
To pour on your soul to bloom.

 I’ll come to your faded parlors.
I’ll be wearing a suit of forever
A rose growing wild in my hair.
I’ll stay until the end of never.
As long as you’ll always be there.

 I will pour my love into your eyes
And bathe in the pools of your sighs.
I’ll bury my heart in the graveyard
With a picture of you in my head.
Surrender to the light of your beauty
Lose my burdens of yellow and red.

 So carry me down to your waters
In the oceans that drip from your eyes.
Take my heart take my soul
There  for you now.
Forever until all time dies.


Tags: love, dark, abstract,


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