Back on my feet again.

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 01, 2015

My ex wife drops off 
our teenage daughter.
It is my weekend
 I know it will be hard.
I have this rickety apartment now.
All I got from the split, 

I do not care she can have it all
All I ever wanted was her love
And my daughter.
Now she has taken them both
 to another mans house.

I see the bored look 
on my daughters face.
She has a tattoo on her ankle.
Dressed in goth make up.
My god!
what's happening. 
We have nothing in common.

My wife leaves
 her legs so shapely so sexy.
I ache to call her back
Beg her to stay. 
but I bite my tongue.

Wallowing in self pity
I go to bed early.
A few hours later
My daughter comes
 into my room.
She had heard me 
Softly sobbing.

Saying nothing
She puts her arms 
around my neck.
Holding my head
 to her small breast.

She says softly
Almost in a whisper. 
It will be Ok dad 
dont worry.
You have me and
I will always love you.

That was the moment
I started to get well again. 


Tags: sad, love,


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