Death of a romantic lady

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 01, 2015

She has dedicated her life to romance. 
affection craved and never withheld.
Living in a dreamlike state of untruths
that to her were as honest as the day.
In dreams she lies in green meadows
the wind curving the golden barley.
Her heart is as permanent as the stones
her love unlimited and free.

She knew men that she called lovers.
They drained their needs and desires
Into her and she loved them.
She bore their children and gave them all

When they left her she lost a small piece
of her heart.
Sometimes they took a big piece
After many years she had none left to give.
But still she gave herself to them

When she died she lay rested
Below the swaying branches
Of the weeping willow
And all the flowers turned to her grave
To feel her warmth even in death


Tags: love,


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