poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Feb 01, 2015

It’s like I am a guitar and the fingers
of past lovers are strumming the strings
Spinning all my emotions
Commanding me to stay
She said

We walked the busy streets of Paris
Too full of lovers
overflowing in a long ago spring
To find us a little place
In a Paris with no space

Its heartbeat is making me sing love songs
I am so in love with you
So in love
she sighed

We walked from room to room
seeking pure light from the north
to touch her beauty as I painted her

I feel the brush on your canvas
like fingertips on my skin
Your brush strokes are
playing on my heart.
Allowing it to beat
and flow blood
to live and love.
she said

And there long ago
in a Paris Springtime
full of youth and passion
I entered into her through
the open door of her heart
And found my home
Where I would always stay


Tags: love,


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