An ordinary man

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Jan 31, 2015

He was so ordinary
Not handsome at all
In fact not my type.
But he wore me down
Waiting outside my small flat
In the pouring rain just to
Catch a glimpse of me.

Why I married him
I will never know.
Perhaps because he cried
In sad movies.
Or because he was gentle
And would never try to
Control me.

He always knew
how to make me laugh.
To get me out of my many
Dark moods.
How on earth did he always
Make me feel so beautiful.?

He has gone now
And the world is sadder
Because of it.

There have been other imposters
I danced the choreographed
Movements of love with them.

But when the shadows of night
Covered the fading twilight.
It was always you honey.
Always you.
Only you knew
how to fix me,


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Aiysha Homer commented:
this sounds like a happy and sad story all in one its hard to cope with the loss of loved ones


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