I knew you were always there

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Jan 31, 2015

What I always needed 
was you, always just you. 
To be part of me 
like my glasses 
or the book by my chair. 

Perhaps like the firelight 
To rest In your arms 
so full of warmth 
comfort and safety. 

Before we met 
I dreamed of you.. 
you saw me there 
in my dreams. 
I Know you did. 
I was holding 
out my arms 
waiting for you. 
Holding them out 
until they ached.

Night after night 
until dreams faded
into coffee and toast.
But I always knew 
you were there for me. 
That you would come
to me.one day. 

Just as I Knew 
the stars are always there 
even when the sun is shining. 
and no one can see them - 




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