Its no wonder I love you.

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Jan 31, 2015

The first moment we met
So very long ago.
I am sure it was springtime.
You had me I was captivated
Thoughts of romance
that would not fade all day.

I was never able
to get enough of you back then.
The years ran by like a deer.
We sit now with children raised
The quiet contentment
Of older age flows in the room

I sit and think
of how you helped me
through all the years.
All the love joys
heartache and pain.
That was our life

How you helped me
to stay focused.
When the money was short
And jobs were scarce
How you never complained
Just taking care
of the children and me.

The wars came and went
Year after year you let them
Slide over us like passing clouds.
I never remember having
to worry about the kids.

I see you now sat opposite
Glowing in warm firelight
The great woman you are.
Radiating like the sun
at the center of my small universe.

I want to say
something beautiful to you.
Something special and profound.
To let you know how I feel.
But the only words
that I can whisper to you
its no wonder I love you


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Jeremy Cummings commented:
I really love this.. It makes me feel the same way about someone I love dearly!
Paris Marceau commented:
This really touched my heart. Lovely!


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