lyrics by: Tara Marie
Written on Jan 12, 2018

You bring good vibes with you...Makes me wanna party real hard with you...making moves just makes me wanna be with you...U fux with me just like I fux with you...Got me twirling all thru the avenues with Don’t matter...Ill bob with em and bounce with you... all because its you. always know how you like to do. just doing what your body tells me to. Love being right here laying next to you. Breathing increasing. Listening to our hearts beating I just wanna be all up inside of you. Going deep making it feel all amazing n making me fall real hard for you.  Sex is what u need. I feel ur wide open as I'm giving it all to you. Taking each stride nice and slow with you...hittn you left and your squirting. Yeah babe its coming all from you. It dont matter I love every drop of you. Matter of fact...I’ll do whatever it takes to keep a hold of you. This is mine and mine is just for you. Keeping it a hundred is what I'll always do with you. 


Tags: Deep, Rhyme, Love,

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Ronell Warren Alman commented on Jan 13, 2018 at 12:24am
Sassy writing here Tara!


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