Soon, I'll Sleep Again

lyrics by: Carl Halling
Written on Jul 15, 2017

Soon, I’ll sleep again,
I will feel no pain,

For a little time,
Peace will be all mine

My mind will seek
Freedom from the past,

I’ll be carefree,
Although it will not last,

Soon, I’ll sleep again,
I will feel no pain.


Tags: sad, deep, pain, hope, wishful,

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Ja Ja commented:
Short and sweet. Quite a treat. thank you
Carl Halling commented:
@Ja Ja Thank you, Ja Ja, I'm glad you like it.
Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem.oh to drift off to sleep but morning soon comes .nice one Carl.
Carl Halling commented:
@ Christopher Russon Thank you so much, Christopher, I'm really glad you like it, and yes that's right, it does, it's good to be able to escape for a few hours :)


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