Desert Rain

lyrics by: Jay Shades
Written on Feb 23, 2017

So many times you walked away
you came back that same day
so many arguments and fights 
you came back that same night
too many screams and shouts 
you came back with your hands out
too many times a pushed my luck 
and now you've given up
don't give up on this love

I know 
she knows 
the world knows I don't care who's there
I swallow my pride 
come back to my life 
my life
my life

If you walk away today
and don't hear what I say 
give me a chance to explain
I need you like the desert needs rain.

So many times I think about 
how you left in no doubt
so many times I hold my phone wishing you would just come home
too many times I think of you 
All the stuff we've been through
too many times I pushed my luck 
and now you gave up 




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