lyrics by: Trevor Cartwright
Written on Jun 05, 2013

Why do you see the world through concrete eyes?
So cynical, there's only black and white.
But still you lay awake at night.
Questioning all you think is right.

Just cast aside what you've been told.
Embracing new, forsaking old.
Look all around the truth shines if you realize.

Just open up your eyes and see.
Only the Truth can set you free.
Free from all this misery.
Only the Truth can set you free.

Life's all you see, yet you crave eternity.
You don't fear death yet cling to every breath.
Cringe at suffering, where did you get this justice?
You want to live for more and feel restored.


Tags: faith, deep,

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Freesa Khan commented:
Nicely put sir, I guess we all get caught up in the here and now!
adam doom commented:
not bad
Stephanie Warwick commented:
Maria Williams commented:
Love this poem of yours. Why do we get caught up in this materialistic world, when it is merely a stepping stone into the next, I know I'm guilty of it.
Rachel Cartwright commented:


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