lyrics by: Trevor Cartwright
Written on Jun 05, 2013

Here I lye in misery
Begging for this pain to leave me
And it never changes. Nothing ever changes.
Every day feels longer than the last.
Broken memories tangle and collapse

Have you ever felt lost inside?
Falling to pieces, tearing at the seems.
Broken dreams and desperate screams
Hide behind the smile, the plastic smile

This hellish nightmare is my own disdain
I'm the only one who is to blame
And it never changes. Nothing ever changes.
I'm the one who bears the lock and key
I'm the one who can set me free

Sometimes we are captor and captive
Jailer and Inmate
Master and slave
The choice for  freedom is within arm's reach
Because those who find are those who seek.


Tags: sad, faith, encouraging,

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Alex McEwan commented:
Good writting Trevor very deep you capture the pain and sense on loss very well Well done
michael mowbray commented:
Trevor Cartwright commented:
Thanks for the kind words guys. This poem really means a lot to me. I am thankful for you taking the time to read it.
rednekk bigott commented:
Great poem, I can certainly relate.
Aiysha Homer commented:
I can really relate to this poem as you know. it shows your internal struggles well! wriiten beautifully
Aiysha Homer commented:
I realised all my poems for years have been depressing. I started to doubt I could do a happy poem so I have started trying. I never quite like them as much tho. it doesn't seem my style haha I can put more feeling into a sad poem it seems to flow easier!
Micaela Dawn commented:
I totally relate to this! I really like it!
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented on Sep 18, 2017 at 2:41pm
Misery.....is entirely your choice....


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