Walk on Water

lyrics by: Trevor Cartwright
Written on Jun 05, 2013

Light a candle, and illuminate the dark
Because I feel so lost and estranged
Shattered visions. Broken dreams turn into dust
As I question the reason why I exist

All that I build, and all that I break
Is drenched in mistakes I've made

Is it true that You can walk on water?
Set the captives free? Rescue the lost and confused?
As we wander these paths uncharted
I'll cling onto You. You're the only reason why.

Take your place here. At the wishing well of life
Cast your coin in. Gestures futile and blind.

Toil and build as you search for a reason to exist.
But it only comes through surrender. 


Tags: faith, inspirational, metaphor,

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Taylor Blair commented:
beautiful just simpy beautiful amazingly written
Trevor Cartwright commented:
Thank you Taylor. This work is sort of the summation of my life lol.
Rene Hernandez commented:
Zelda Partee commented:
very unique , original, makes you think about your own personal view of your life. Excellent!! ZPartee
Zelda Partee commented:
very unique , original, makes you think about your own personal view of your life. Excellent!! ZPartee
Trevor Cartwright commented:
Thank you for the kind words Rene and Zelda. I appreciate the feedback.
Karen MacEanruig commented:
Delightful, friend-even more so at my age. Life in the last year; or so it seems, is as compressed, and as remarkable, as the first year of life. If I were a poet I could put it in a few words (like the "Empty Room") but, I'm not. I'm a ponderous story writer. karenmaceanruig.
michael mowbray commented:
Great construction of words am impressed.
Trevor Cartwright commented:
Thank you for the kind words Michael and Karen! I really appreciate the kind words!
Aiysha Homer commented:
the last 2 lines show your faith in that you will find your reason. well thought out and written :0)
Sean forooghi commented:
Beautifully written. Continue writing and sharing.
A previous user commented:
Find purpose from your heavenly father and find peace in your life.
Jude kyrie commented:
lovely crafted poem the reason for life elequently questioned in a brevity of wordage well written work Jude
Cambria L. commented:
Michael Harlin commented:
Awsome poem I hope this become a success because it is buetiful. Love it.
Elizabeth Ladji commented:
Spiritual and inspirational indeed. Beautiful.
Vijay Beck commented:
Shattered vision, Broken dreams turn into dust, As I question the reason why I exist! WOW! that really resonates with me! I like it, Trevor Good work!
Milton Robertson commented:
selam mussie commented:
Beautifully written poem love that.....
Elizabeth J White commented:
This is just great
pat hoban commented:
and surrender is massive for any being
Summer Duncan commented:
Yes, we cling to him. And we surrender our will to his unchanging wisdom and loving mercy.
Melissa Marker commented:
A peaceful set of questions prob asked so many times but you did it so beautiful and with so much more
ann parks commented:
Great !! I wish I could go back in time to say , the sermon on the mount.....
Timothy Nelson commented:
Wonderful Counselor. Love this poem. It should inspire all that read it! "Clarksdalepoet"
Stephanie Warwick commented:
Beautiful. This is why I write because one day I will be as good as you x
Phil Rich commented:
Well written. Inspiring.
Stephanie Warwick commented:
This is what a true poet is right here. The words you have chosen are amazing. Your an inspiration to all the poets just starting of. So full of enthusiasm and great I'd love to read more xx
Joshua Henry commented:
Fantastic lyrics!
Purple Couch commented:
This is a wonderful poem. This is the type of poetry we are looking for for our next publication. if you are interested in having this poem published please check out our future projects. http://www.purplecouchpublishing.com/#!future-projects/utwgq
Charde' Ridgeway commented:
Love This
Christopher Russon commented:
In times of drought we need to search and gain Faith.Well written
Maria Williams commented:
This poem is so inspirational, we must all surrender to Faith.Beautiful


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