The Dream seller

lyrics by: Allan P Stevens
Written on Sep 10, 2016

Title----The Dream Seller----by Allan P Stevens
Resting his eyes, resting his head
Spends most of each day lazing in bed
When the sun goes down he comes alive
To peddle his dreams upon the dark side
Stands in the shadows late each night
Making shady deals away from the light
Listening to sounds of the city streets
Selling his dreams to the urban freaks
Beware the Dream seller he likes to prowl
In quiet corners where mad dogs howl
Like a hunter he tracks down his prey
As those easy victims gamble with fate
He hides in doorways keeping from sight
Watching the young addicts itching to fight
Looking to mug some innocent passer by
Their nasty intentions so devious and sly
Beware the Dream seller he likes to walk
In the dark alleys where wild cats stalk
Where sewer rats hide deep undercover
And the lost souls comfort each other
He sells his dreams to all who can pay
Takes their money and then quickly away
Come daybreak he’s back home in bed
Counting his stash and resting his head
Beware the Dream seller pushing his gear
In the dark places where wise men fear
The end of life is just another needle away
Overdose is the price too many have paid


Tags: sad, rhyme, pain, dark, fear,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
Love the poem...very sad but true of today's society, so many addicted to the wrong things in life, you have expressed it all so well.
Christopher Russon commented:
Very true words and so many victims good poem.
Allan P Stevens commented on Nov 25, 2017 at 10:43am
Thank you for your comments, it is appreciated.


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